Rupert SimmonsRupert Simmons

I took an honours degree at Reading University and moved into practising as a Surveyor in Surrey with predominantly planning law. With the introduction of the Green Belt and the cessation of much planning work, I made a career change to the Music Business, first with a business I started in Vienna and then another in New England. I came back to London to work in the Media, initially with London Weekend Television and then the Observer Newspaper. I spent 10 years there ending up a member of the Executive Board.

I moved then into three operations at the same time. I was a consultant lobbyist working with the European Parliament in Brussels, I was a Partner in a Property Company and the final involvement which I maintained until April 2014, of being a Partner in a Publishing Company. This was predominantly a Financial Magazine specializing in the Investment Trusts sector of the London Stock Market. In 2001 I was elected County Councillor for the Heathfield Division and immediately appointed to the Cabinet with the portfolio for Education. I had that responsibility for 7 years. I have also served as Chairman of the County for two years and returned to Cabinet to take charge of the economy, infrastructure and skills in 2013. I am a Director of Sea Change Sussex Ltd which has invested in major construction sites to create jobs in East Sussex and a representative of East Sussex at the SELEP.  I have also been the Chairman of the Heathfield Partnership Trust Ltd for 13 years. My personal interests lie in travel, music, sport and American politics.

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”