SimonSimon Kiley: Policy & Communications Officer

Simon’s core role centres on gathering and analysing intelligence to support project development and delivery. This involves gathering quantitative and qualitative evidence, analysing impact and evaluating effectiveness of policies and programmes. He also interprets policy initiatives, develops programme methodologies and helps colleagues to communicate their activities through documents, the website and social media.

Alongside this, he undertakes consultancy on behalf of organisations seeking to explore and better understand rural issues. Over the last decade, Simon has managed or been involved in a wide-range of programmes on behalf of government departments, regional bodies, county and local authorities and local communities. Recent examples have included a review of Neighbourhood Plan delivery, an analyses of the need for rural affordable housing, the identification of the issues affecting rural employability and an exploration of rural access to healthcare.

He is particularly interested in understanding the socio-economic trends that exist within and between rural areas, which often differ from engrained perceptions.

Phone: (01273) 407326

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”