Action in rural Sussex – Annual Review 2016 released!

Our Annual Review for 2015/6 is now available.

This document provides an overview of the experiences of rural communities across Sussex over the past 12 months in making life better for those that live there and the role that Action in rural Sussex has played in this process.AirS Annual Review 2016 - Snapshot 1a

This includes the work of the Village Agents, who support people at the grassroots to maintain essential services, deliver new and innovative projects and work with service providers to better target provision. By working closely with communities and their volunteers, the Village Agents help to identify needs and aspirations and then assist turning them into reality. In 2015/6, this has involved working with 28 different communities across East Sussex to support 13 Good Neighbour Schemes, deliver 19 healthy activities, support 16 Lunch Clubs and establish and support 6 volunteer networks.

Supporting communities to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work is a key aim of our organisation and we aim to assist communities in delivering this vision by working with them on their community plans, neighbourhood plans and in securing affordable housing to deliver the solutions that communities themselves identify that they require and want. In the past 12 month, 23 Neighbourhood Plans were supported and so far 10 have been helped through to referendum, ready for adoption.

Affordable Housing schemes came to fruition and delivered units in Burwash and Brede, with 24 affordable housing units being delivered. A further 35 units are in the pipeline for delivery in the near future as a result of ongoing activity in a number of communities.

Assisting young people and families, particularly those who are the most vulnerable either through circumstance or isolation is a key part of our activity. Our COPES team provide expert support to aid the emotional well-being of young people. This service has delivered direct support to 139 families in the last 12 months.

Through the provision of Family Outreach Workers, one-to-one support is offered to young people through a programme of support agreed with their family and school. The goal being to tailor solutions to the needs of the individual and work towards identifying techniques which may be applied and assist in alleviating their particular challenges.

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