Action in rural Sussex celebrate #VillageHallsWeek 2020

Action in rural Sussex celebrate Village Halls Week 2020

Today sees the launch of Village Halls Week and Action in rural Sussex (AirS) are proud to be part of this week-long celebration highlighting the important role that Sussex village halls and community buildings play in our rural communities, along with Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and its network.

Sussex has over 300 village halls and community buildings, and they all are crucial components in sustaining inclusive and active communities, particularly in rural areas where fewer venues and services are present. They provide a hub in which social interaction occurs, businesses are supported, services are delivered and physical activities take place. The halls often act as a venue for the delivery of key local services and social enterprises, for example libraries and post offices. Their continuing survival is due to the hard-working volunteers whose passion and dedication keeps these vital buildings at the heart of many of our rural communities.

Petrina Mayson, Chief Executive at AirS says Sussex has around 450 villages and village halls week gives us an opportunity to thank the hundreds of voluntary charity trustees who give up their time to improve the lives of the residents of their communities. Just imagine how much poorer the lives of rural residents would be without these hubs of social activities on their doorsteps. The role that these community buildings play in tackling social isolation and reducing loneliness is huge and the sheer diversity of groups, activities and interests they cover is staggering.”

Village halls and community buildings in East and West Sussex Village will be joining their counterparts across England in hosting events to mark this special occasion. For more information on the events happening in Sussex, please visit


“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”