AirS Village Agents – Supporting Rural Communities in East Sussex

They may sound like a team from the world of espionage but the Action in Rural Sussex’s Village Agents are a group of extremely experienced and passionate community development specialists who work with local people to develop innovative and effective ways to bring services closer to rural people.

The overall aim is to improve access to services for rural communities, to foster local provision and local solutions to known issues and to improve the overall quality of life for all.

Each Village Agent covers a specific geographical area, often several adjoining parishes. Over time they get to know each community, building up their knowledge and understanding of what happens there and what gaps and local improvements in services have been identified. They will then work with community leaders, organisations and residents to find solutions to issues, improve local services and encourage new volunteers to get involved in local service delivery.

If you feel that your community could benefit from the Village Agents expertise, please visit Village Agents for contact details.

As it currently stands unfortunately the Agents only cover East Sussex.

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”