East Hoathly with Halland Community Land Trust Steering Group launches their vision for the future – February 2019

On the evening of the 26th February the village hall was buzzing with curiosity as East Hoathly with Halland Community Land Trust steering group held its open evening. Attended by over 80 local residents, this event was to showcase the vision of the Community Land Trust (CLT) in creating truly affordable eco-friendly houses for local people.

Working with Action in rural Sussex’s Sussex Community Housing Hub, they are a community-led organisation seeking to develop innovative, affordable housing to be held in perpetuity for the people of the parish of East Hoathly with Halland.

Their aim is to create an exemplar zero-carbon housing development in keeping with the historical heritage, local landscape and vibrant community fabric of the parish.

With shared values of community, companionship and ecological responsibility at its heart, the CLT will create high-quality sustainable homes within a financially empowering model. This ensures a future-proof legacy of affordable homes for those who can demonstrate an ongoing link to the local area, but who may not be able to otherwise afford a property in the local area, young families, downsizers, co-housers, alongside the provision of work-space appropriate to the heritage of the parish.

Flexibility is key: the scheme is site specific, offering a range of owner/occupier, leasing, social housing and co-housing options. Their mission is to initially develop a pilot scheme of 4-6 properties while in tandem consulting with the wider community to draw out the outline of a more comprehensive scheme.

For more information, please click here or to view the CLT’s film here

It is extremely important to the steering group that all members of the community, regardless of age, are involved with the project, so following a presentation on work of the CLT, the children of the local school were asked to submit their designs for an eco-friendly house. The fabulous designs were then displayed at the event.

Brilliantly creative, the children captured the essence of an eco-friendly house and have proved how much they value the importance of protecting our environment. The most interesting design received a certificate and book voucher (courtesy of Action in rural Sussex).

Congratulations to all the children involved.

Please see the children’s designs below.

For more information on the work of The Sussex Community Housing Hub, please click here

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