London School of Economics Community Led Housing Survey: Can community led housing tackle loneliness? – March 2020

The London School of Economics (LSE) is reaching out to every community led housing (CLH) project to invite individual members to take part in an online survey.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has commissioned research into whether community-led housing plays a role in combating loneliness.

As part of this research, a team from LSE and the universities of Bristol, Lancaster and Northumbria is conducting an online survey of individuals involved in CLH, which will gather information about how residents and members interact, and about respondents’ experience of neighbourliness and loneliness.

Findings will feed into decisions about whether and how central government should support community-led housing.

This is a unique opportunity to improve government understanding of these housing alternative models, and we encourage everyone who is eligible to take part.

To take the survey and read more details about the research, please click here

Research Team Members:

Kath Scanlon, Distinguished Policy Fellow, LSE London
Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia, Lecturer in Urban Futures, Sociology Department, Lancaster University
Professor Karen West, School for Policy Studies, Bristol University
Mara Ferreri, Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Northumbria University
Jim Hudson, Research Associate, LSE London

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