Lost Woods project takes a short rest

Due to the Lockdown, and to support government advice, the Lost Woods project is taking a short break. Woodland Trust, SWT and AirS among other partners have decided to furlough the staff for around six weeks.

AirS employ three Village Agents in West Sussex and one of the main projects  is to encourage volunteering, in groups,  in the woods. Since this activity is not safe at the moment we have decided, on advice from our funders, to step back for a few weeks. All other AirS services continue as normal.

Naturally, walking in the woods, and in the countryside, is allowed under current government advice on your own or with family. Our Village Agents know that this is good for mental and physical health. We certainly encourage anyone to continue to exercise safely in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

This news will be updated as the NHS vaccination programme rolls-out and as lockdown is eased.

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”