National Community Land Trust Network – CLT Awards 2019 – Open for Nominations – Aug 2019

CLT Awards

National Community Land Trust Network, CLT Awards is a fantastic opportunity to spotlight just some of the fantastic people and groups within the CLT movement.

If you think there is a CLT that has achieved something amazing during the year or an individual who has given a lot in the fight for their local community, why not nominate them?

The award categories are:

Ain’t no mountain high enough
This award celebrates an individual whose passion is a driving force for their community land trust. They put themselves out there, they rally, they get people in the room and their determination to bring about real change is infectious.

Can’t stop, won’t stop
This award celebrates the unsung hero. The selfless person who goes the extra mile for their group. They’re behind the scenes doing the vital invisible work. The community land trust movement is built on volunteer time so this is one award that could go to many, but we only have one. Whose efforts would you like to be recognised?

When life gives you lemons
This award celebrates a CLT that has been particularly innovative in navigating barriers to and coming up with out of the box solutions to build stronger communities. Being innovative is in a CLTs nature so there’s plenty of examples out there. Get nominating!

People-powered homes
This award celebrates CLTs that center community. People power is at the heart of this movement and a CLT that prioritises relationship building in the local community is a CLT worth recognising for their efforts. Have you been impressed by a CLT’s community organising and engagement? Nominate them!

What a wonderful world
This award celebrates a CLT that recognising the importance of sustainability especially at a time of such drastic climate breakdown. Have you come across a group or scheme that has impressed you with its consciousness design and application? Well, let’s celebrate these efforts.

Nominations open until midnight September 11th 2019. 

Click here to nominate

These categories are open to all CLTs, you can nominate your own group.

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