National Village and Community Hall Survey Launched – February 2020




The ACRE Network needs your help for a crucial census. Carried out once every ten years the survey will provide up to date information about halls and the social and economic impact they deliver for their communities.

This information is vital to secure funding for halls, funding for Network services, and to ensure our services and the information we hold adapts to the ever-changing challenges facing halls and communities.

We want responses from all community buildings; rural village halls, community centres, sports pavilions, church halls, churches providing community use, Miners Welfare Institutes or WI halls that provide meeting facilities for the community.

Click here for the survey

V2 people drinking tea in a village hall

This is an online survey but to make it easier you can download a PDF of the questions and draft your answers in advance

Download to preview the survey

Instructions to help you complete the survey have been provided as part of the survey but are also available to download by clicking the link below

Download survey instructions

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