Rawson Hall, Bolney becomes a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Rawson Hall Volunteers have played a crucial role in changing the corporate structure of the organisation to that of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Amongst the many other benefits, this new structure offers The Rawson Hall Management Committee protection from personal financial liability.

On 1 January 2018, new rules came in allowing charitable companies to convert into charitable incorporated organisations (CIO’s) this is following legislative changes in November 2017.

CIO is a legal form designed for charities. CIOs are incorporated, but they only need to register with the Charity Commission and not with Companies House – as a result CIO’s are generally considered to be easier to administer than charitable companies.

The conversion mechanism allows charitable companies to become CIO’s using a procedure involving two members’ resolutions and an application to the Charity Commission. The conversion is phased and currently only available to organisations with an income less than £12,500, but by August 2018 it will be open to all charities.


For more information, please visit Charity Commission

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