Community Land Trust Umbrella Project

What are Community Land Trusts?

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are powerful examples of communities taking control and transforming the future of their local community. A CLT is a community-led organisation that provides land, homes and other assets to meet the long-term needs of its community.

There are 160 Community Land Trusts in England and Wales and these Trusts deliver everything from homes to meeting spaces, workspaces, shops, pubs, farms and gardens. Because a Community Land Trust holds these assets in trust for the benefit of the local community, the assets can be made permanently affordable, and provide a long-term income stream for the community.

The Umbrella Project works with communities in Sussex and Surrey, in both rural & urban areas, to help you take forward your ideas through a Community Land Trust.

The Sussex CLT Umbrella Project can:

  • Provide a single local point of contact providing technical advice and guidance in the setting up and running of a CLT
  • Provide hands on support for communities wanting to set up a CLT by:
  • explaining the different routes by which communities can provide and take ownership of affordable housing;
  • supporting them put together a viable Business Plan and scheme;
  • helping them make an informed choice on the most appropriate legal entity to meet their objectives;
  • providing advice on funding, building and managing affordable homes, work space or providing environmental benefits.

Community Land Trusts add value by:

  • Being locally-controlled  / democratically accountable
  • Being flexible to meet local priorities
  • Creating community support
  • Providing locally affordable homes
  • Delivering actions from community / neighbourhood plans
  • Closer community & landowner involvement
  • Generating re-investment for the community
  • Enabling the long term stewardship of community assets

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How can the CLT Project Officer help?

  • Support steering groups.
  • Review feasibility.
  • Access funding, grants & loans
  • Provide template documents.
  • Advise on company forms.
  • Link to legal experts and project partners.
  • Assist with business plans.
  • Identify project finance.

Find out more:

If you would like to discuss your ideas or arrange a visit to consider what might be possible in your community download a Sussex CLT Flyer, or alternatively please contact:

Tom Warder
Community Land Trust Project Officer
Tel. (01273) 407302

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”