Children & Family Support

Following the closure in August 2018 of our well regarded direct service for children and families, COPES, we are looking for sustainable ways in which we can continue to work with  the rural communities of East Sussex to support its younger members and their parents.

Karen Laver, former COPES family outreach worker, has joined our Village Agent team to trial a new specialist role focussing on children and families. She will be working closely with her village agent colleagues and our partners to develop pilot projects with aim of increasing child and family resilience through an asset based community development approach.

If you are interested in starting a project for children or parents of families in rural East Sussex, have any ideas you would like to have chat about or just need some support or advice with an existing project, please contact Karen Laver Tel: 07854 249014



What professional colleagues say about us

“I am so glad we have got this support for our children, we seem to have more and more emotional problems! I will tell my cluster group of SENCO on Weds how helpful you have been as I am sure they would appreciate support with their children!”
– Senco, rural Lewes District School

“I love COPES!”
– Senco, Eastbourne School

X [school child] is responding really well to the direct work, and the school have noticed an improvement in that she is less needy in school, and also becoming more confident.
– Social Worker

“We find the service invaluable, and cannot praise X [COPES Worker]  highly enough.”
– Head Teacher, rural Rother District School


“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”