The Sussex Community Housing Hub

The Sussex Community Housing Hub (the Hub) is a new enabling service which provides technical advice and support to community-led housing groups across East and West Sussex.

Community-led housing is developed and managed by local people in order to maximise community benefits such as local affordability and good design. Various models exist – take a look at these examples:

The Hub is supported by Local Authorities in Sussex and the Community Housing Fund allocated to them in 2017.


Key Objectives 

The objectives of the fund are:

“To help build collaboration, skills and supply chains at a local level to promote the sustainability of this approach to house building.”

Throughout a project, support from the Hub includes:

  • Enabling groups to make informed choices by providing a full suite of processes, tools, and options.
  • Providing information and advice on funding, finance, development and management.
  • Providing guidance on governance, management and community organising.
  • Providing access to a range of (accredited) technical support professionals.
  • Acting as an intermediary between professionals/local authorities and community groups to facilitate understanding, constructive discussion and decision making.

Action in rural Sussex has been operating a rural housing enabling service for over ten years, helping to deliver many local needs schemes.

Experience has shown that continuous technical support from locally-based, expert advisers is the key to helping communities navigate their way through affordable housing projects, including Community Land Trusts – via our Community Land Trust leaflet which now forms part of the Hub service.

Contact Us

If you would like to explore this further or are interested in how these models might be able to address housing issues in your community then get in touch with one of the Hub’s two Community Led Housing Advisor’s:

Tom Warder:
Community Led Housing Manager
Tel: (01273) 407302 / (07932) 743403 Email:

Graham Maunders
Community Led Housing Advisor
Tel: (01273) 407329 / (07824) 900092 Email:

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”