Buddy Halls

Volunteers running village halls often tell us they find it useful to “have someone to talk to” or chew over a problem with someone who has been in (or is in) a similar situation. Members of our Sussex Village Halls Advisory Group have kindly spoken with other hall volunteers wanting to sound out or share experience, and found it has not been onerous, so we are extending this idea by helping subscribing halls that would like it to find Buddy Halls.

The purpose of Buddy Halls is to enable volunteers to find “someone to talk to” who might have similar experience, or provide moral support.  There is no requirement on participating halls to provide information.

If you would be interested in joining the list of Buddy Halls and are willing to offer advice to other volunteers running community buildings then please tick the box under the first contact details on the subscription form.

We cannot guarantee to find suitable partners but will simply provide a list of participating hall contacts in your area so that you can make contact when needed.  A short set of protocols can be sent to interested halls.

For more information, please contact: villagehalls@ruralsussex.org.uk

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