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Topic Notes & Information Sheets

Action in rural Sussex’s Village Halls and Community Buildings Advisory Service is supported by Topic Notes developed by Action in rural Sussex, together with other publications from ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England – its national umbrella body).

List of Village Hall Publications – Info sheets – AirS Topic notes – May 2017

Publications may be accessed by subscribers to the Community Buildings Service using the login facility at the top of this website and the subscriber password provided.

Publications and Documents are available to buildings which do not subscribe to the Advisory Service, and these are charged on an individual basis as set out in the List of Publications. Please contact the administrator to discuss your requirements.

Please note additional charges may be levied for hard copies and P&P.


Subscribers to the Advisory service receive newsletters through the year, providing them with information on issues affecting community buildings, detail on funding opportunities and responses to questions and queries. An example is located below:

Village Hall & Community Building Subscriber Newsletter – January 2017

Reports from the National Village Halls Survey (2009).

In 2009, a comprehensive survey of Village Halls across England was undertaken. A summary of its key findings, together with an analysis of specific elements is set out in the document below:

National Village Halls Survey – Final Report – Key Findings

National Village Halls Survey – Economic Impact of Village Halls

National Village Halls Survey – Environmental Sustainability

National Village Halls Survey – Arts Sports and Licensing Requirements

National Village Halls Survey – The State and Management of Village Halls

National Village Halls Survey – The Changing Use of Rural Community Buildings

National Village Halls Survey Briefing – September 2014

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