Examples of the kind of assistance that can be provided include:

Information about funding sources for improving facilities. Access to the Rural Community Buildings Loan Fund.

Guidance to understanding constitutions and trust deeds, Charity Law requirements, the Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Responsibilities of trustees, Accessing legal advice. See also consultancy services.

Guidance about Licensing, red tape, VAT and other statutory requirements, such as health and safety and the obligations on employers. The Hallmark Quality Standards Scheme also helps volunteers address compliance questions.

Guidance about making your building more energy efficient, with publications, discussion of options, referral to an independent energy assessor, lower price energy contracts, possible sources of funding

Information about widening the use of buildings, marketing, hire agreements and charges. An ACRE Model Hiring Agreement is available for purchase, publications and examples of good practice.

Information about specialist insurance policies for village halls.

Guidance about accommodating Pre-Schools and Social Clubs, Statutory Services. A publication “Village Halls and Childcare – Making it Work” is available free to subscribers, and a model Occupation Licence suitable for Pre-School use of Village Halls is available at a charge.

Taking up Trustee concerns. Through the ACRE Network we can take up issues that affect your community building with public sector organisations, Government and policy makers to improve the funding and legislative environment for volunteer run community buildings.

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”