Young People’s Services

AirS is  keen to talk to rural communities about how it might be able to assist with young peoples’ consultations and engagement exercises. This could include:-

  • Planning and facilitation of youth engagement exercises or programmes
  • Young people’s surveys and summary reports
  • Engagement events
  • Youth activities planning and delivery
  • Young people’s consultations on particular issues
  • Neighbourhood Plans / Community led plans – involving young people
  • Meeting the needs of young people in rural communities – how to identify need
  • School based sessions on citizenship, getting involved in your community.

For more information or to discuss your needs please contact:-

Judy Perraton 
Children and Families Team Leader
Tel: (01273) 407336 E-mail:


Teresa Gittins 
Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Services
Tel: (01273) 407306 E-mail:

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