Community tree planting in Brighton for Queen’s Green Canopy

A major aim of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative is to involve communities in tree planting in their neighbourhoods – bringing people together in an activity which improves local environments. We were therefore particularly pleased to be involved with a small tree planting with the Bristol Estate Leaseholders & Tenants Association in Kemptown, Brighton, greening their estate.

The event involved tenant representatives who had consulted with the local residents and Trees for Cities before settling on suitable trees and appropriate locations for planting.

Brighton tree planting

Juliet Smith DL with Jess Massucco and Kate Sheldon from Trees for Cities

The planting event brought together the national tree planting charity Trees for Cities, the countryside charity CPRE and the Brighton & Hove Council tree officer to plant the trees dedicated to the Queen’s Green Canopy. Deputy Lieutenant Juliet Smith said how pleased she was to be involved in such a fantastic initiative before planting the two trees, a Hop Hornbeam and a Hawthorn aiming to diversify the trees species in the city.

The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative aims to encourage people throughout the UK to plant trees to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee this year and the Queen’s 70 years of service. The East Sussex Lieutenancy project based at Action in rural Sussex is encouraging planting in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. We’re part of the project working to create a national canopy of trees to help reduce the impact of climate change, filter air, increase wildlife habitat and improve the environment for everyone.


Bristol Estate planting

Tree planting with the Bristol Estate Tenants Association (BELTA), Brighton & Hove. BELTA trustee Ben D’Montigny holds the spade. Photo thanks to Trees for Cities.

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