Community21 is a network and planning toolbox for 21st century communities and neighbourhoods.

It serves as an accessible repository for all of the material associated with the community planning process and contains a wide range of features to aid the development of Parish and Neighbourhood Plans.


These include a staged process to guide communities through the development of their Plan, a mapping tool for identifying and locating assets and features, areas to store and present documents as well as connectivity to existing websites and social media.

The site places an emphasis on sharing knowledge and best practice examples between communities, either those that have completed or are in the process of undertaking a community planning process. These are provided by the communities themselves and cover a wide range of themes, both about the community planning process itself together with examples of how issues such as community energy may be addressed and responded to. It allows users to view the progress and activity of other communities, both locally and further afield, in order to share learning and enhance their own experience and outcomes.

If you are interested in using Community21 to assist your community in developing a Parish Plan or Neighbourhood Plan, please contact:

Faustina Bayo
Community Development Officer
Tel: (01273) 407320 E-mail:

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”