Time to plant your own Queen’s Green Canopy tree?

With its extension till the end of March, the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative has a new impetus, continuing to promote tree planting in memory of The Queen. We still have this autumn and winter to encourage everyone to think about where they might be able to find space for a tree! With the ground wetter and trees heading into dormancy we are into the ideal months for tree planting.

If you’d like to take part just follow four simple steps:

  1. PLAN: Firstly, acquire a healthy tree. Visit the QGC plan page for more information: queensgreencanopy.org/plan
  2. PLANT: Once you’ve got your tree, the next stage is to plant it – find instructions at: queensgreencanopy.org/plant
  3. PROTECT: With your tree planted, it’s time to give it the best chance of flourishing with some aftercare: queensgreencanopy.org/protect
  4. QGC MAP: Add a photo of your tree to the digital record of trees planted in the Queen’s name across the country: queensgreencanopy.org/qgc-map/ If it’s not on the map it won’t get counted!

The digital map of planted trees re-opened on 1 October so please do record any trees you have planted since October 2021 for the QGC, or just take a look to see what we are all achieving together.

After the summer’s drought, a wetter autumn and winter should create the ground conditions for people to help make the UK greener with an abundance of new trees.

If you can’t plant a tree yourself, please consider gifting a tree in memoriam in honour of Her Majesty, with trees to be planted in schools and deprived urban areas across the United Kingdom. To gift a tree please visit https://shop.queensgreencanopy.org/

For more information on the QGC in East Sussex and how you can take part as we enter the new tree planting season please see Queen’s Green Canopy | Action in rural Sussex

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”