Twin Elm in Preston Park chosen as one of Jubilee Ancient Trees

The remaining Preston Park Twin Elm in Brighton & Hove has been chosen as part of a nationwide network of 70 Ancient Trees dedicated to The Queen in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee.

Until as recently as 2019, the ancient elm at Preston Park was one of a pair. Brighton proudly boasted two of the largest and oldest English elms (Ulmus procera) in the world. Each of the ‘Preston Twins’ were thought to be around 400 years old. Despite efforts to preserve both, one of the twins was felled to protect the other after contracting elm disease.

The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative announced a network of 70 Ancient Woodlands (you can read about an acclaimed ancient woodland in East Sussex here) and 70 Ancient Trees across the United Kingdom which form part of the Ancient Canopy celebrating The Queen’s 70 years of service.

To learn more about the Queen’s Green Canopy tree planting initiative and how you can take part please see our main QGC page. The project encourages everyone to plant a jubilee tree and upload a photo to the national map where everyone’s trees are recorded.

Preston Park twin elm credit Barry Hawkins

Preston Park’s ancient twin elm Photo: Barry Hawkins

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