AirS – Supporting village halls for decades! – A little bit of history

During a recent office clear out we stumbled across a report that we published back in 1955 titled Sussex Village Halls 1954-55 – Their progress & their problems.

The report followed the fourth annual village hall conference and included topics such as Village Libraries. After much debate it was confirmed that “It is desirable to reserve one room in a Village Hall as a Library Room”.

Interestingly, when this report was written more than half of the village libraries in West Sussex were held in village halls.

Other topics included; charges made by Phonographic Performances Ltd for the use of copyright music in performances, the wear and tear of wooden dance floors, funding and how committees can further activities such as drama – which at the time – was seen as the favourite activity in Sussex.

Reading through the report, it’s hard not to notice that issues raised by hall committees back in the 1950’s more or less parallel those raised now!

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