Previous Programme – Good Neighbour Schemes (GNS) – this project is now completed.

If you are concerned about Coronavirus and how it affects your GNS, please download our guidance from here

Our Village Agents are helping communities across East Sussex to set up Good Neighbour Schemes.

We are currently working with:
Beacon (Ditchling, Streat and Westmeston)
Lewes (Nevill)
Plumpton and East Chiltington

What are Good Neighbour Schemes?

  • Local voluntary run groups that offer a service in their community for those in need of help and support
  • Services offered are determined by each local Good Neighbour Scheme and the needs of their local community
  • Support is given to a wide range of people including older people, those temporarily in need through illness or recovery, people new to the area, or anyone who may be isolated or lonely in the community

Benefits for All

  • Good Neighbour Schemes provide a ‘safety net’ in their community
  • Support independent living, reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Can prevent or delay the need for specialist or long term care
  • They enhance and grow existing neighbourly networks
  • They can complement statutory services. Transport for appointments, hospital visits

What They Can Do

(Dependent on each scheme and availability of volunteers)  

  • Transport – to hospital, GP’s surgery
  • Visiting, offering company and a chat
  • Errands, shopping, collecting prescriptions
  • Minor house repairs or light gardening
  • Walking pets.
  • Help with letter writing or simple form-filling
  • Reading to partially sighted or blind people
  • Signposting to services and facilities

Setting up and Running a Scheme – The Essentials

  • Coordinator/duty officer/s with phone
  • Steering Committee–oversee, review, develop the scheme
  • Bank Account, funding activities
  • Insurance cover
  • Policies and procedures – training and resources available
  • DBS checks – for home visits and use of transport
  • Guidelines, record keeping and administrative processes to support volunteers
  • Recruitment, induction and support of volunteers – ongoing
  • Publicity, reaching the right people. Coordinator/duty officer/s with phone

“Supporting rural communities in Sussex to be vibrant and diverse places in which to live and work.”