Consultancy Service for Village Halls and Community Buildings

All annual subscribers to the Village Halls and Community Buildings Service provided by Action in rural Sussex will be able to access additional consultancy services. These are available via referral from us to appropriate independent experts.

The Service is designed to cover projects and issues that require specialist or concentrated support and advice. Examples of consultancy work recently undertaken include:-

• Advice on capital projects e.g. meeting committee members to provide guidance about project development, funding, help prepare funding applications;

• Assistance with community consultation about development or other Village Hall issues;

• Mediation service, representation at meetings, public hearings or similar;

• Support with contract and/or licence negotiation;

• Work undertaken in relation to legal, constitutional and charity matters (e.g. explaining trustee responsibilities, changing governing documents);

• Guidance about financial sustainability and building up reserves.

• Drafting and reviewing business plans and/or funding applications;

Knowing that your need for these consultancy services is likely to fluctuate over time, our consultancy is charged flexibly on an hourly, half day, or full day basis.

Contact Us

Contacting the Service. For all initial enquiries and further details of the consultancy service please contact us by email or phone.

Email: Tel: 01273 473422


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